INOXALCA srl is a company specialized in the field of screws and bolts commercial and consolidated and established itself on the market thanks to the experience gained in the production of metal turned to drawing and printed.


A policy characterized by:

    • quality products, supported by monitoring and technical assistance provided to the client
    • supply services with logical push and pull mode (just in time with Kanban or MRP)
    • availability, attention and advice to customer needs

The long-lived industry knowledge allows us to develop custom products, which at best can meet the design requirements and / or assembly in various industrial fields

  • contacts with immediate answers via fax, e-mail and telephone
  • a staff of engineers and industrial chemicals to support the customer

The company since its inception has been a growing increase the know-how and developing its core business around the particular design, allowing us to establish relationships with all our customers, in whatever sector they operate (food, electrical, car motive, chemical, pharmaceutical and petrochemical).